Battery Service

If your car has trouble starting or any corrosion on your vehicle's battery terminals, then bring your car to A&A Quick Lube today for automotive battery service. Get the most affordable battery service or call us to book an appointment today.

Battery Warning Lights

If your car isn't starting, then there could surely be a problem with the battery, even though it could even be other starter system components. Based on whether the starter motor would also crack and which position you have left the key in, you could notice all the dashboard lights illuminated. No worries!! That doesn't imply that there's a complete failure of all systems linked to those lights. If the battery/charging system fails while driving, then the Charging System Warning Light will light up.

Charging System Warning Light means that your battery isn't getting recharged after the engine is switched on and operating. There is either an issue with the battery itself, or there is an issue with the alternator. Since the car can impede at any second, you should pull over safely ASAP. You may be able to get a little time by switching off all unwanted car electronic accessories and unplugging device chargers. Charging System Warning Light can be an emergency, particularly at night, when you could end up losing your headlights at any minute.

Don't Wait for Your Car Battery to be Dead!!

If the battery or car manifests any of the below symptoms, then bring your vehicle it to our shop for a quick inspection -

These symptoms can be indications of other issues besides the battery. However, the battery is the first to look at as it is the initial power source.

Take advantage of the pros at A&A Quick Lube inspect your battery and charging system. Our expert technicians will offer you a comprehensive report on your car battery's current condition, recharge it if low or replace it if required.

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If your car is having trouble or if you witness corrosion on your battery cables and terminals, then bring your car to A&A Quick Lube for battery services. Get the most affordable and premium service. We assure you that your car will be treated like our own, and we never attempt to sell unwanted repairs. Quality & Affordability You'll Love!!