Radiator flush service

Radiator flush Service is the process of adding a cleaner to the cooling system to eliminate sediment or rust. The system is then flushed thoroughly while new antifreeze and a conditioner to protect against corrosion that is added.

Your vehicle's engine cooling system circulates antifreeze through the engine and the radiator. The antifreeze helps maintain optimal engine operating temperature regardless of the outside temperature. It is important to replace the antifreeze regularly to help prevent overheating, freezing and corrosion in the cooling system.

The benefits of the radiator flush service are the following: It removes rust and scale that cause overheating and breakdown, protects against cooling system leaks and provides lubricant for the water pump.

With this service, we will remove existing contaminants, dirt and fluid from the cooling system and then refill it with new antifreeze per your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. We additionally will outwardly check the radiator and radiator hoses for spills.

How regularly do you need a Radiator flush Service?

Likewise, with all auto services, let your vehicle's owner's manual direct how regularly you need a flush.

But as a general rule, A&A Quick Lube recommends a Radiator flush about every 30,000 miles or three years, whichever comes first. Manufacturers use many different Radiator types and different environments across the country can be much different affecting which type your use. We can accurately test Radiators to identify if the Radiator is dirty and corrosive.

Flushing your radiator is realistically the only way to maintain that system and, unfortunately, that is a service rarely practiced at the right time.

A&A Quick Lube radiator flush maintain services offers the best and most unique auto radiator flushing service in and around the country today. Feel free to get in touch with our trained professionals today for your coolant flushing needs.