Transmission drain and fill service

Are you having problems with your vehicle's transmission? When was the last time the gearbox was serviced? If you're like most people, it's probably been a while. For reasons unknown, transmission or gearbox maintenance is ignored by the vast majority until a repair is required. If your vehicle is exhibiting problems with shifting or engagements, then transmission drain and/or fill service is vital.

What is a Transmission Service?

A service is when the automatic transmission fluid and filter are changed. Most transmissions have a serviceable filter, but other cars don't have a filter that is accessible for maintenance. On account of vehicles that don't have an open filter; a straightforward drain and fill are all that is required for appropriate servicing. This is a preventative maintenance that ensures proper function by keeping the automatic transmission fluid fresh.

Furthermore, A&A Quick Lube transmission drain and fill service recommends that in order to be safe, a transmission should be serviced once a year for gearboxes that use nonsynthetic automatic transmission fluid. This is a rule that applies to all vehicles. If you're not sure what type of automatic transmission fluid your vehicle uses, consult your owner’s manual or any of our qualified professionals.

Manual transmission fluid provides grease to gears, bearings, shafts, and other interior segments. Heat, pressure, and friction can gradually breakdown the added substances in the manual transmission fluid. Also, little particles of metal may fall off the gears as they wear and these metal particles can blend with the fluids. Fluids can also become contaminated with water.

The net outcome of every one of these services is to give better lubrication, improve the holding capacity of the friction components, and decrease heat. This means your transmission works well, longer. Therefore you are less likely to face a major transmission repair.

A&A Quick Lube Transmission offers all of these services and will be happy to explain the details to you.

A complete A&A Quick Lube transmission service should include: